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November 2010



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Nov. 27th, 2010

Song prompt pt 1 - Felix/Piers kinda

So uuuh.... first time posting on my own LJ-journal and I'm not sure I like it actually. It makes me friggin confused (I'm easily confused when forced to face new stuff). But well... I snagged the song promt thingy that people seem to be doing, and tried my hand at it while practicing my (vague) Felix/Piers style. And adding to the fanbase OF COURSE!

1. Biffy Clyro - Bubbles

It was hot, sunny and impossibly bright outside and the air smelled like salt and freedom. The ship was floating through the warm air leisurely; fast enough to create a small breeze but slow enough to let the party on the boat enjoy themselves. Felix stood by the helm, for once not obscured by his heavy cloak (it was too warm for that), and let his thoughts randomly wander as he watched the scene on the deck unfold before his eyes.

Piers seemed to have found a new ability, something he did at times when he was bored, and was entertaining Sheba and Jenna whilst just trying to relax. Felix smiled his secret smile as he watched Piers wave his hand and create bubbles out of thin air, which came to float in the air around him. They reflected the sunlight, creating thin rainbows and pretty sparkles, while Sheba and Jenna rushed around, popping them and keeping count of how many they could catch.

One, a tiny one, came floating up and the wind blew it mesmerizingly close to Felix face. The Venus Adept looked down and caught Piers eyes, the Mercury Adept smiling contently before letting out a soft, clear laugh as the bubble slowly flew around Felix head and the latter smiled back, before lifting his hand and poking the bubble with a finger. It popped, and Felix thought that it was rather nice just to be free like this.


2. Kaizers Orchestra – Ompa til du dör

Alex was, if anything, very suave. Polite, neat and smooth with his tongue, the man could talk the stars down from the sky, and he knew it.

The smile was like toxic, the words like venom and if his gaze landed on you, it felt like you were dissected alive. But he had misjudged one thing.

Felix had gotten his own party, a group around him that weren’t lying snakes crawling around on their bellies, and together they refused to follow his scheme. He was used to be Hamlet, they should follow his flute down to the last tone, but they weren’t.
The blue-haired Mercury Adept, the new one, seemed stubborn and had refused him the times he’d tried to make the offer of switching teams, and now it was like Alex had lost his magic.

He was forced to follow them. It frightened him that he was relying on them so much. The Mars Lighthouse, the Jupiter Lighthouse, and so much more depended on that they did what he thought they would, and that was a new one for him. Nightmares plagued him sometimes, and his nerves were taut with repressed anxious ponderings on how he played with fire far too close for comfort. His dreams taunted him and scared him, but he refused to give in. He still had his flute, and he was adamant on that it still worked.

The second thing Alex hadn’t taken into account was that no-one would follow a false note.


3. Flogging Molly – Devil’s Dance Floor

The music was intoxicating, running like a fever through the crowd and making them loose themselves into the haze. This was the festival of the year, the celebration of life and rebirth, the new year was to be welcomed with dance, with food, with music and with an almost ecstatic mood.

Felix wasn’t dancing, but he was watching someone.

One body was moving like streaming water through the crowd, twirling, bending and moving in intricate patterns in a way that made even New Vale’s more experienced dancers jealous. Felix wasn’t the only one who was watching this person, as the crowd of moving people were already forming a vague circle around him, giving him space to move as he wished. Turquoise hair whipped through the air as Piers spun around, completely lost in the music, but aware of his audience.

Suddenly, in a moment so intense that Felix felt the air crack with electricity, Piers yellow eyes caught his and for a moment Felix found himself almost fearing the Lemurian.

The yellow eyes, seemingly flaming with life and insanity, were looking straight into his very soul and heart. Before he had a chance to move, Piers was in front of him, grabbing his hand and pulling him into his whirlpool of movements and the crowd made room for one more, while helplessly trying to match the Mercury Adept in his seamless dance and rhythm. Felix too was swept up by the waves and, after all, he thought while watching those yellow eyes, right now they were all just dancing on the yellow-eyed devils dance floor. They had no choice but to follow him until the music stopped.


4. Panic! At the Disco – The only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage

He was so young, but still so strong and determined that it scared many. They were not who they were supposed to be, and he knew it very well. He knew his sister really shouldn’t be fighting dragons; she should be at the village ogling her eyes out over some boy (that he would beat up if they ever dared do something to her).
He knew Sheba shouldn’t have to read minds of innocent people, but she should be following some mysterious prophecy, while reaching the unknown mysteries of her past and her future. He knew that he himself shouldn’t have the mentality of a seasoned warrior, the pessimistic but realistic view of the world and life; he should be at home with his parents and planning to build himself a home of his own, maybe dating someone.

There was merely one person Felix knew where he was supposed to be, and that was Piers.

He let himself grin despite the situation as he suddenly grabbed hold of said man’s hand and sprinted forward, toward the enemy. Piers cast him a glace, saw the grin and grinned back, drew his sword and let out a cry that meant happiness, excitement, fear, bravery and freedom and trust and maybe something more.

When the battle was over, Felix still hadn’t let go of Piers hand. Because that was where Felix wanted him to stay. He swore to try to get rid of the iron that he’d clad his soul in, just to keep that man by his side. They were still so young, and they were desperate for each other’s attention, so if they stayed like this, like this group on their quest, they would eventually make each other listen.


5. Carpark North – Just Human

He thought about leaving them, leaving him, for the umpteenth time that night. What they were after, what they were doing, were none of his concern. Their questions that went on and on and their endless worries made him want to get out of there.

He wasn’t their saviour, he couldn’t save them. He merely had a boat and he wanted to go home, and without them. They scared him, or at least Felix did with his air of calm hostility and bravery. He wasn’t made to live in this outside world; he didn’t feel like he was human like them. And he was tired of battling all the time, so why not take the easy way out? Just leave them?

But then he turned around in his bed, his nose colliding with a pale, warm shoulder and his excuses crumbled to dust. He cursed Iris, Hades, Gaia and all the other deities out there to hell and back for these feelings he had that prevented him from running away.

An arm tightened around his waist, and despite everything he figured it was worth the fight. Because he’d fallen in love in the person least expected. Hostility wasn’t all Felix could express it seemed, and when he opened up, Piers couldn’t leave even if he wanted to.

After all, he was just human when it all boiled down to it.

Fuuuuuuck, that was fun! But I cheated, and played some songs twice (Kaizers Orchestra for example, because that one was hard), so bad me. I'm pretty uncertain how these LJ posts works, so this'll be posted on my FanFiction archive under http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5531749/1/Life_in_General